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The Perth Yeshivah

Dianella Shule has a very strong focus on education. The Shule strives to develop not only an appreciation of Torah and Jewish traditions but also to help members develop their capacity to continue life long learning.

Please note: individually tailored programs, tutorials, and shiurim can be arranged for people of all ages through the Torah Mitzion Perth Yeshivah. To arrange learning or for more details, please contact Rosh Kollel Rabbi Avraham Lifshitz.

The Tzevet (staff) are made of the Bachurim (male Israeli learning staff) and the Bachurot (female Israeli learning staff), under the direction of Rabbi Lifshitz.

The Tzevet teach daily classes at Carmel School, run extra-curricular programs such as Torah Stream and Hebrew Club, and learn with community members of all ages and backgrounds. They prepare and execute regular community functions, and are involved with Bnei Akiva youth group.

In addition to the work they do, they also attend regular classes that enrich their own learning. The Bachurim and Bachurot attend separate sessions of Yeshivah / Midrasha Seder, led by Rabbi Lifshitz.