Bnei Akiva

Bnei Akiva is a Religious Zionist Youth Movement

Bnei Akiva is a Religious Zionist Youth Movement, led by students who have a passion for the two pillars of its ideology - Torah VeAvodah. The pillar of Torah represents the pursuit of intellectual and spiritual Torah knowledge, while the pillar of Avodah represents a dedication to our land, and a thirst for the betterment of the world around us. Although these are two independent pillars, they are closely linked in that Avodah can be facilitated by Torah, and conversely Torah can be facilitated by Avodah.

Bnei Akiva is more than just a Youth Movement. Bnei is a way of life. Its ideals are entrenched in history and philosophy and its passionate followers cover the four corners of the globe. The student leaders (Madrichim) of Bnei Akiva have all undergone a number of intensive leadership courses in Australia, and Israel. They are all responsible, vibrant, educated, fun and talented leaders who want to assist in the education and growth of young children all over the world and particularly here in Perth.

Bnei Akiva runs 2-hour meetings every week on Shabbat afternoon for kids from Years 3-12. We start with Mincha (Afternoon Prayer) with the Aged residents of the Maurice Zeffert Home and subsequently move across to our rooms at the Jewish Center, where Madrichim run informal education programs (Tochniot) for their children (chanichim). At the beginning and end of each meeting, a ceremonial Mifkad is performed in typical Israeli Army style. During Mifkad the Merakez (General Director) leads the Madrichim and Chanichim in the anthem for Bnei Akiva (Yad Achim) and for the State of Israel (Hatikva).

Aside from meetings on Shabbat, there is interaction between Madrichim and chanichim at all of Bnei’s Junior and Senior functions, as well as entire Snif(branch), and individual group functions. Furthermore, seniors are encouraged to come to weekly BAMBA (Beit Midrash Bnei Akiva) and Breakfast Minyan on Sunday mornings, both of which encourage bringing Torah into one’s daily life.

Twice a year, in both winter and summer holidays, Bnei Akiva holds a camp for the Chanichim. Winter camp is for Years 3-12, while Summer Camp generally runs for Years 3-9. The reason Summer Camp is offered mainly to the junior year groups is that Bnei Akiva Federal Camp (offered to years 7-12 – our intermediate and senior chanichim) runs at a similar time.

Aside from what Bnei offers to its chanichim, the movement also provides valuable services to the wider community. For many years, Bnei has provided the community with Mishloach Manot on Purim, and Schach, Lulav and Etrog on Succot. Our Pre-Pesach function and Tikkun Leil Shavuot are open to the entire community, and have also been met with much enthusiasm.

As a Zionist Youth Movement, Bnei Akiva believes that all its Bogrim (graduates) should have some form of extended Israel experience post-High School. The purpose of such a trip is multi-faceted. Aside from being a brilliant educational experience academically, just from living in the country Bogrim learn about Jewish and Israeli culture, history, Hebrew, politics, and develop their understanding of Jewish law and practice. These programs also offer a solid stepping stone to those whose ultimate goal is making Aliyah. Bnei currently offers two year-long Hachshara programs, ‘MTA’ (Midreshet Torah V’Avodah), and ‘Tafnit’. These programs focus on different aspects of one’s Israel experience to cater for the different desires and goals of their participants.

Aside from our Hachshara programs, Nati and Noa Recht – the Bnei Akiva Shlichim from Israel – are one of the movement’s strongest connections to Israel. Although the Rechts have been in Perth for only three years, they have already made a resounding affect on Bnei Akiva, and are loved and respected in their positions as teachers at Carmel School. They have two daughters, Keshet and Keren-Or and as parents themselves and long time Madrichim and Merakzim of Bnei Akiva worldwide, they have ample experience in leading the young children of the community. Bnei Akiva Perth is very lucky to have them as a source of guidance, knowledge and friendship.

Daniella Broude is the Merakezet (General Director) of Bnei Akiva Perth for 2009. She went on MTA in 2007 and studied at Midreshet Harova in Jerusalem. As she is ultimately responsible for your child’s welfare, any questions or comments you have can be directed to her. Feel free to contact Daniella at any time on 0422 864 846, or by email at